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Whether you are an experienced pianist or a novice, walking into a piano store and making a decision to purchase without the proper information can be intimidating. Most stores have dozens of instruments for you to choose from. It is often hard to tell one from the other--much less decide which one is best.

Fortunately it is not as hard as it looks. Whether you are buying for a child or for yourself, whether your budget is modest or unlimited, whether you are interested in a traditional piano or in a digital or hybrid Yamaha piano, the process is the same: Look. Listen. Compare.

Here are seven key points you should consider:


For most people, tone is by far the most important attribute of a piano. The only way to judge is to listen. Play, or have the saleperson play, the same short piece on every instrument you consider. Combining superior materials, design and workmanship, Yamaha pianos are justly renowned for their brilliance, richness and purity of tone.


An unresponsive keyboard will frustrate beginners and accomplished pianist alike. Of all the instruments you try, you will find that Yamha pianos are the most responsive to your touch. The painstaking design and precision engineering assure that the keys travel smoothly and quickly, allowing a full range of expression.


Talk to any piano technician. Ask about the tuning stability of various brands. You will find that Yamaha pianos are exceptional!--a refection of the quality materials and craftsmanship that go into every step of manufacturing.


A piano is either a grand or an upright. The choice is a matter of space, taste and budget. In your home, a piano becomes a beautiful piece of furniture. Look at the luster and finish of the cabinet. Does it invite touch? Is it smooth? Is the finish durable? Yamaha manufactures an exceptionally wide range of models and finishes, so you can choose an instrument that will remain as pleasing to your eye as to your ear.


In the final analysis, is a given piano a good investment? Keep in mind that a good piano will last a lifetime. Value depends on how carefully you choose and care for your piano. For resale value, you will find that very few pianos surpass a Yamaha. You will find that Yamaha has a superior reputation for qualtiy and durability. It is one of the most respected names in professional music.


Ask the dealer how well the manufacturer is estabiished and if they have a reputation for quality, integrity and commitment to excellence. What are the attitudes of music instructors, piano technicians and professional musicians toward the piano brand? You will discover that the Yamaha image exceeds your expectations.


You are about to invest in one of the most pretigious and enriching musical instruments in the world. You should be assured that your investment will enjoy a substantial longevity. Proven longevity and an unrivalled commitment to service and support make Yamaha pianos a confident long-term investment.