The seven foot CF6 has such a big sound, you may mistake it for full-size concert grand. It has an open yet rich tone, and an action which is quick and responsive—a joy to play. All the CF Series pianos are characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the subtlest expressive nuances. The CF Series pianos can "sing" phrases with a depth of expressiveness rarely heard.

Additional Information

Available colours
Polished Ebony
159cm (62 1/2")
103cm (40 1/2")
212cm (7')
409kg (902Ibs)
Keyboard type
Ivorite (White keys), Ebony (Black keys)
Touch sensitivity
Keyboard action
Piano Sound
Number of pedals
Half pedal
Key cover style
Soft-close Fallboard
Recording data capacity
Music rest
Number of voices
Number of voices (playback)
Number of voices (playing)
Number of songs
Piano silencing mechanism
Compatible data format
Accessories Included