With a design embodying the latest in technology, Yamaha signals a new direction for the piano. This, our flagship model, is the ultimate expression of “Innovation with soul.” A keyboard and pedals indistinguishable from those of a grand piano. Stunningly authentic tactile response. Speakers with the authority and presence to deliver flawless sound… The AvantGrand N3 weaves advanced technology into an extraordinary design that gives form to Yamaha’s aspirations for the future.

Touch, pedal feel, reverberation, and resonance—by all metrics, the N3X meets or surpasses the demands of even the most discriminating pianist.

  • Specialized Grand Piano Action with Ivorite®
  • Spatial Acoustic Sampling
  • Sound sampled on four channels from the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial
  • Yamaha CFX Binaural sampling
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • Spatial Acoustic Speaker System
  • Soundboard Resonator
  • Tactile Response System
  • Specialized Grand Piano Pedal
  • USB Audio Recorder
  • XLR jack outputs
  • Product Registration

Additional Information

Available colours
Polished Ebony
1,481mm (58-5/16″)
1,014mm (39-15/16″)Lid up : 1,734mm (68-1/4″)
1,195mm (47-1/16″)
199kg (438lbs., 12oz.)
Keyboard type
Touch sensitivity
Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
Keyboard action
Specialized Grand Piano Action
Piano Sound
Number of pedals
Half pedal
Key cover style
Soft-Close Fallboard
Recording data capacity
300KB (approx. 30,000 notes)
Music rest
Number of voices
Number of voices (playback)
Number of voices (playing)
Number of songs
Piano silencing mechanism
Compatible data format
Accessories Included